Skye's The Limit

  • Skye's The Limit - Pilot

    .....sometimes when you think things are falling apart, they're really just falling into place.

    In the series premiere Skye learns the first of many lessons; failure is just the beginning.

  • Skye's The Limit - Ep. 2 "Trapped In The Closet"

    Skye runs into an old crush and realizes the spark is still there. Unfortunately, not everyone is excited by their reunion.

  • Skye's The Limit - Ep. 3 "Tongue Tied"

    Jay invites Skye over for dinner. Marisol finds herself struggling to keep her personal relationship with Gina in check. Taylor is concerned her best friend is setting herself up for disappointment.

  • Skye's The Limit - Ep. 4 "Guess Who's Coming To Dinner" Part One

    It's Friday night in DC. Tempers flair when Tyler and Taylor hold a dinner party and Marisol takes Kendra to Bryn's open mic.

  • Skye's The Limit - Ep. 5 "Guess Who's Coming To Dinner"

    ... you can only hide from the truth but for so long

    Bryn confronts Kendra about her behavior, Jackie has a heart to heart with Taylor and Marisol makes a new friend.

  • Skye's The Limit - Ep. 6 "Rockin Robin"

    When Tyler's cousin Robin comes to live with them, Taylor is anything but pleased. Meanwhile Tracy is already proving to be a handful for Bryn.

  • Skye's The Limit - Ep. 7 "Mercury in Retrograde"

    After a trip to New York, Skye and Jay are closer than ever. Carter rustles feathers. Taylor visits Jackie at her new shop.

  • Skye's The Limit - Ep. 8 "Feasting on Scraps"

    Mutha Indigo and Skye have a heart-to-heart that leaves her re-examining her expectations. Carter and Gina bump heads. Bryn and Tracy have yet another awkward moment.

  • Skye's The Limit - Season One Finale "Bienvenidos a Miami!"

    Skye and her friends are all long overdue for a reality check. And while things appear to be normal at the beginning of the week, by the time the sun sets on Friday....nothing will ever be the same.

    Check out the final installment of STL season one, shot on location in Miami.

  • Skye's The Limit - Episodes 1-9

    The Complete Skye's The Limit Series
    (Free episode included)


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  • Cast

    • Samaya "Skye" BeauvaisShauntice Wyatt
    • Taylor Saint-JamesBreeze Bennett
    • Tyler SmithCarlton James
    • Jalayna "Jay" DandridgeZuri Prior-Graves
    • Veronica "Ronnie" ClarkeCurt Mariah
    • Mutha IndigoLaRita Massey
    • Jasmine Saint-JamesCrystal Cornish
    • Cassie BeauvaisSamantha Lynn Grier
    • Marisol MilianJessica Pierce
    • CarterAmanda "330" Carter
    • Samantha "Sam" WainwrightMel Williams
    • Kendra JamesonLyrikk Mashairi
    • Gina "DJ Got Damn"La Porschia Dephyne
    • Robin DavisJordyn White
    • Jackson DavisThomas A. White
    • Toni ToussaintKatrina Wheeler
    • Brenda SantosMarley Mattison

    Crew/Production Team

    • Writer/DirectorBlue Telusma
    • First Asst DirectorJoi Mason
    • Second Asst DirectorKatrina Wheeler
    • Camera OperatorBlue Telusma
    • Camera OperatorKalyn Jacobs
    • Camera OperatorYasmine "Yaz" Rice
    • Camera OperatorAj Anderson
    • Audio TechBianca Williams
    • PR ConsultantDerrick Jackson
    • Production CoordinatorDenyse Ford
    • Production CoordinatorSamantha Davis
    • Production AssistantJasmin Evans
    • Production AssistantThandiwe Dunn
    • Production AssistantLaKita Marks-Mitchell

    Hair/Make Up

    • HairShauntice Wyatt
    • Make-UpChristin Birckhead
    • Make-UpRomy Simpson


    • StylistSheen Styles
    • StylistKatrina Wheeler

    Original Theme Music

    By Asha Santee

    Special Thanks

    Chelsea Bland

    Susan Hallak

    Kesha Green

    Vybe Edwards

    Natalie Gill

    Amarilys Tamariz

    Rochelle Young

    Noabeth Bruckenthal

    Siya Green

    Emily Rizzo

    Thecla Dantes